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A spelling error on the home page - pathetic

Seriously... You want my child to learn from an app that has a spelling error on the home page? If there's an error with a simple word, who is to say I can trust the rest of the app to be correct? This is touted as an educational app; it is hardly educational. Even my first grader knows how to spell "watermelon". Don't waste your money on this app.

Good game😍😊

This is a good game it is fun for me and I am 7 I know all that math but it is fun for me

Not so cute yet!

The apple drop answers do not work. Correct answers shown as incorrect. Several of the activities are just colorfully presented equations with no concrete items to add or subtract. Right now this should not be a paid app!

2 CUTE...


No Sound!

The sound does NOT work on 16GB phones! Yes, the graphics are cute and it teaches basic math skills, but my 4-year-old would get more out of it if she could hear the audio for some instruction.

My kid loves this game.

My kid really took to this game - plays it all the time. I think it has helped him with his numbers. Highly recommended.

Does Not Work - Bad Customer Service

Bought Cute Math for my daughter. It does not work on the 16GB Phone, NO SOUND ! To make it worse. I contacted Cute Math Support twice and have had no response from them Must be fly by night !! Don't buy it !

One of the most preschool-friendly math aps for ipod

How much your child likes this really depends on where they are in development, my estimate would be for kids 2 to 5 years old. If you want a game that shows simple math, adding and subtracting as well as some basic counting skills for kids that are not up to math yet, this is one of the best aps around, esp for the $2 price. I have tried 4 other kids math aps and most of them are too advanced for young kids (or just not visually appealing for preschoolers). This has the most fun and cute graphics for littler ones to look at. Here is a brief summary of the games included: 1 & 2. Melon Harvest, Apple Harvest: these first 2 are little counting games. The child drags a requested number of items into a basket and then click "Done" when they think they have the correct number of items. 3: Baby Penguins: teaches counting up to ten. one reviewer said that they could have done more with this and I agree, but then, the same could be said for the first two 4 & 5. Happy Birds & Fruit Fall: Birds is an adding game, with animation that helps the child by moving the two groups together so the child can see how many total there are. Fruit Fall is a simple subtraction game, also with animation that shows what happens when the items are subtracted away. 6. Balloon Bounce: is a step up, mixing adding and subtracting, up to 10. Child needs to select the correct answer from 4 floating balloon choices. no time limit. 7. Parachute Drop: is the same as balloon drop, only it adds a time limit. so child needs to select the correct answer from 4 choices, floating down on parachutes before they all disappear into the clouds at the bottom. Several reviewers complained about the audio. Could be better/more clear but really isn't that bad. My 3.5 yr old son understands what they are saying, that's what counts right? :) I do think it would be nice if they could eventually add a stepped up reward system, so kids can see how many they have gotten right. Either a "prize" or sticker for every 10 right answers, or maybe a "high score" list. Otherwise, this is very worth the price, esp for anyone that has a toddler that is interested in math & numbers. Finally an ap that teaches math, but is geared to toddlers/preschoolers!

Need option to change difficulty level

This is for 5 yes old only. Need option to change difficulty level.

Great app for preschoolers

My two-year-old loved this game. It was the first game he could really play on my iPod. Now, at three years, he's starting to understand addition and subtraction from the cute animations this app uses for those drills. I recommend for anyone looking for something they can let their two and three year olds play. I'm only giving it four stars because the sound clips are really very low quality.


It's for like 2 year olds...?

Cute Math

Love it!!! Useful and worth your money.

Cute Math

Grandsons (ages 5 and 3) love it. Challenging but fun for them. So many games to choose.

Great app lacks more audio

I bought this for my two and three year old nephews can learn some math. However, the only audio that can be heard is during number counting, which you really can't hear the elephant say the number.. There should be an option to have audio on all sections that way the younger kids are able to hear "what is 9-4?" or "5+2". That would be awesome!

Fun & educational

My 2yo & 4-1/2yo both use it. I like the verticle progression from easier to harder skills. Author responded quickly to user feedback about location function thx!

Great app!

This is a great application for a young one who's learning number recognition, counting and early addition and subtraction skills! My daughter (almost 4YR) enjoys it very much. It's a great way to to pass time while reinforcing these skills!

Great idea, poor audio

Audio sample are poor quality, often difficult to understand what is being said. Spoken language is sometimes like a whisper while the action sounds are loud (also poor quality and a little too flashy for a kid). Again, great idea but they need to really redo all of their audio samples and be sure it is also in clear English without heavy accent.


My two year old loves it and actually is already learning to add!! She adores mama penquin

Fantastic - my 4 year old loves it!

My 4 year old loves learning on Dad's iPhone - and this is a profoundly simple yet effective tool for learning the basics of addition and subtraction.

whats the obsession with knowing where we are at?

enought all ready!! any simple reason of why ? deserves better stars after this features is taking off.

Why do you need to know the location of my child?

Version 1.2 is now asking for access to Core Location. There is no option to permanently disable this call, and there is no explanation of why it is required. I am sure you are using the location data for a metrics package, something like Pinch Media. But it is inappropriate to be collecting location data from children. I will not re-install your app until the Core Location call has been removed, or there is an option to permanently disable it.

Adorable and Clever

This app is simply adorable. The illustrations are very cute and looks slightly like Japanese children's workbooks. I like the clever way they visually represent addition in the Happy Birds and subtraction in Fruit Fall. Also the voice is very cute and makes my daughter giggle when she says "oh, no" or "whaaa". Very well done app. I even like to play it.

It's okay

The voice audio is ok...not clearly spoken and the sound effects are good but compressed in quality. My son likes this game but on Baby Penguins and Apple Harvest, when the level is completed, he touches the menu button in the top left and it doesn't work because there is a second menu button in the center of the screen.

Fun Math Learning game for a 4 year old

One suggestion... On the Happy Birds Game. My daughter needs to count the birds on the wire in order to determine how many present in total on the top wire. When she touches the screen to count them, they fly back down to the bottom wire and she loses count and has to start from 1. My suggestion is that once the birds have flown from bottom wire to top wire... they should stay there if the screen is touched again.

my kids love it

so cute and easy to use. love the cute animals and very practical.

Great App!

My 4 yr old loves this app... he always asks if he can play his "learning game" when we are running errands, waiting for his brother's lesson, etc. Job well done... this is a "Mommy Helper" I feel good about!

Great App!!!!

My kids love the animations and the fun games and the animals!!!! Yaaahhh!!!!


This is a great way to spend time with my almost 3 year old niece. She loves playing with this game and is learning not just to count (cause she can already do that), but to give a more specific answer when asked not just shown and of course a great start for a more interactive math. Now if I can just install this on her itouch she'll have this at home. Yep, not quite 3 yrs yet and she knows how to use one. :)


My 3 1/2 yr old loves this. He cried when I said we have to stop playing it. It is kind of hard to hear the numbers being said, but well worth getting!

Awesome App

Wow! Bokan Tech is really accomplished!!! It is a great app for children that are just getting to learn their basic math facts. And it's cute too!!!! Great app Bokan Tech!!!

What I've been waiting for!

Perfect for my 2 year old who is advanced and bored with other 1-10 counting games. Thank you! Thank you ! Thank you! Great animation and cute graphics! Can't get better than this.

Perfect for a 5 year old!

My daughter absolutely loves it.


Don't care

Needs improvement

Problematic areas: 1. The voice that says the numbers is hard to understand and is sometimes muffled by the sound effects. 2. The font used for the numbers is too curly. It confuses my daughter who is trying to learn what the numbers are by sight. Fix these problems and I'd give it 5 stars!

Great app for kids

Great concept and excecutions, Sound could be improved

Great for my 4 year old

She loves it an she's learning. Please keep updating. Thanks!

Great for kids!!

This game is great for kids! I use it all the time with my little 4 yr old nephew. He loves it! Whenever we go on trips as a family, he always asks to sit next to me on the plane just so he could play it. It really gets them ready for kindergarten!!! GREAT APP!!!!! You should get it!

Great app for little kids!!

Great for my 4yo. He loves it and has a lot of fun with it. Nice he's learning concepts as he's playing.

 Love it! 

I play this with my 2 year old and she is totally learning addition & subtraction I am amazed with how quickly she is learning, this is the app she wants to play all the time.  Thank you 


Great!! My 4 yr old loves this game. Adorable voice & cute graphics. Well worth it!

Target Age for Cute Math is 3-4 years old - App needs some options

This a well produced, but extremely basic application for 3 to 4 year old children. I really want to rate it highly, but it must be noted that some of the included games are extremely limited. Baby Penguins for instance... once a child orders the penguins a single time, what else is there to do? It would be great if the penguins could be ordered in multiple ways, perhaps odds/even, or by 5s or even backwards. The most useful game for us has been Falling Apples because of the way it beautifully illustrates subtraction. I just wish the app had more flexibility. It is focused only on a very specific 6 month slice of child development.

Great kids game!

My son loves this game. He's in preschool and is really getting re concepts of addition before they teach it to him. I recommend it to anyone with a young child. Better than keeping him busy with mindless movies.

Good but needs refinement

This is a very good start at what could be a great learning tool for 2 to 6 year olds. A couple of things: The "Done" and "next game" buttons are too small and too hard for my little guy (and Dad) to easily see and press, and these buttons are too bunched in with other text and graphics to make it easily accessable to a young child with toddler motor coordination. A slight re-design is advised. Secondly, my two year-old needs a better reward splash screen and reward sound (ideally something animated and joyous) to know that he has done a good job. The existing scenario is very anti-climactic and non-inspired. Otherwise, this is a fun and educational application. Worth the dough.

Great game for kids

This is a great game for anyone with young kids. My 4 year old daughter loves to play games on my iPod and this has become a favorite. It has several games with cute graphics and sound,and is educational too. I would recomend it for anyone else with children that like to play on their iphones too.

Fun app for kid!

A truly wonderful app for my 4yo! The first time I showed it to him, he played for 20 minutes and really had fun, even if he was learning something :).

fun but not for me

yeah it has good graphics and its well done but it is ment for kids not 16 year old boys.

math teacher approved!

My wife is a highschool math teacher and uses this app to teach our four year old.

Nicely done.

I think preschoolers starting around 2 and up will enjoy sitting with a parent and learning.


I'm a 30 year old man. And I love this game. Got it for my 5 year old and now I can't stop playing. Fantastic graphics!

Cute - teaches basic math skills to kids in a easy to use way

This is a cute little app... it teaches everything from basic counting ("slide x number of apples from a tree into a basket") to basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc. Though it might be too cutesy for kids old enough to be doing multiplication. I'd say the sweet-spot age group for this is kindergarten through maybe 3rd or 4th grade. My kid loves it thought!

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